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Monday 03.06.

09:00Begin Registration
09:30Kernelization in sparse graph classes
Sebastian Siebertz
10:30Coffee Break
11:00A Deterministic Polynomial Kernel for Odd Cycle Transversal and Vertex Multiway Cut in Planar Graphs
Erik Jan van Leeuwen
14:00Open Problem Session
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Open Problem Session (until 18:00)

Tuesday 04.06.

09:30Coresets: Tutorial I
Christian Sohler
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Coresets: Tutorial II
Christian Sohler
14:00Polynomial kernels for Chordal and Interval Vertex Deletion
Pranabendu Misra, Marcin Pilipczuk
15:00Parameterized Complexity of Conflict-free Graph Coloring
Astrid Pieterse
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Matrix Clustering and Completion: Fixed-Parameter Tractability via Kernelization
Robert Ganian
16:30A Turing Kernelization Dichotomy for Structural Parameterizations of F-Minor-Free Deletion
Huib Donkers
17:00Free time

Wednesday 05.06.

09:30A new kernel for Feedback Vertex Set
Yoichi Iwata
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Sparsification for Constraint Satisfaction Problems
Bart M. P. Jansen
14:00Free Time
18:30Conference Dinner (Fløyen‎)

Thursday 06.06.

09:30Lossy Kernels: Tutorial I
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Lossy Kernels: Tutorial II
14:00A Polynomial Kernel for Diamond-Free Editing
Yixin Cao
14:30Subquadratic Kernels for Implicit 3-Hitting Set and 3-Set Packing Problems
Meirav Zehavi
15:00Approximate Kernelization Schemes for Steiner Networks
Andreas Feldmann
15:30Coffee Break
16:00Polynomial kernels for cycle transversal in bounded indepedence digraphs
William Lochet
16:30Free time

Friday 07.06.

09:30Streaming kernels
Rajesh Chitnis
10:30Coffee Break
11:00Exploring the Complexity of Layout Parameters in Tournaments and Semi-Complete Digraphs
Michał Pilipczuk
12:00Lunch (until 14:00)

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